Aliens of the Deep - documentary

Aliens of the Deep
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The Aliens of the Deep documentary proves that you don't have to look into deep space to find creatures that look like they are not from our planet.


In the depths of the deepest oceans live some of the stranges animals you could possibly imagine. While oceans cover over 70% of the Earths surface, we still know very little about what is going on under the surface, In fact, we have explored the surface of Mars in greater detail than the fathoms of the oceans.


Once you travel below 30 meters underwater, the sun rapidly begins to lose its influence and you enter an alien world which has never seen the light of day. In such extreme conditions animals have adapted in extreme ways, in some cases more strange than you could make up. The Aliens of the Deep documentary takes us into these worlds and shows us the little we have discovered, which will only leave you wondering what else is out there.

Nature, Animal

Jérôme Julienne
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