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Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking
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Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking brings us fascinating new knowledge about our deadly, awe-inspiring universe which is a symphony of mathematic perfection.


1. The documentary begins with aliens, which is a subject that has been covered by dozens of documentaries. Not many feature the pragmatic thoughts of Hawking who discusses the probability of us encountering aliens and what we are likely to expect should that happen.


Episode 2. If you really want to travel into the universe you will quickly start moving through time also. This is because we now know there is no such thing as "space" only "space-time", a fundamental partnership which was first discovered by Albert Einstein. Hawking talks about time-travel and how it may be possible to harness.


Episode 3 discusses "the story of everything". Hawking is probably a lot better at imagining this than me, but I can't help but think if you want to know everything surely you are going to meet your maker if indeed you are looking for the true meaning of EVERYTHING. Is this something you would even want?

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