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The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement - documentary

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About The Documentary

This 2018 Vice documentary explores the "rise of the crisis actor conspiracy movement", which is a group of conspiracy theorists who believe that most of the mass gun murders in the United States are completely fake, and have been set up by the government or some other dark organisation. The conspiracy? To take away amendments to the constitution or other nefarious goals.


The film plays contrasting interviews with people who explain how they survived or lost loved ones in mass gun murders, and those who say they never happened at all. But it goes deeper than this; some of the conspiracy theorists ring up the relatives of the dead victims and harras them, claiming their loved ones never existed, and that they are going to dig up their graves and prove they are a part of a conspiracy. Many of us have our suspicions about the official story surrounding 9/11 but this is something else.


We have heard about crisis actors on extreme alternate news websites before but once it starts getting personal like this it has already gone too far.

Conspiracy, Society

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