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Tankies: Tank Heroes of World War 2
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Tankies: Tank Hero’s of World War 2. This is a two part documentary series first published by the BBC in 2013 and presented by former tank commander Mark Urban. A film chronicalling the story of six men who fought in some of the most infamous of battles in world war 2 as part of the fith Royal Tank Regiment. The war for many of them began in Africa where they encountered the formidable German Africa core who wanted to destroy British forces that stood in their way in order to get to the Kuwait oil fields. In fact seeing German armorment was a complete surprise as they were expecting to see an assault from the weaker axis army; The Italians. Instead they saw the mighty German Africa core lead by the much renowned Erwin Rommel or as he was more commonly known “The Desert Fox” who’s cunningness was hard to interpret for the enemy, not only that but the British had obsolete and unreliable tanks compared to those of the german army which was the Panza Mark 3. Their tanks were way more reliable and had a cannon that was more than 3 times as powerful as the Cruiser tank a daunting task that brought a “band of brothers” together to help turn the tide of the war.


After a crushing defeat by Rommel the British Royal Tank regiment was marooned on the one city that was still in the hands of the allies. However the tide would eventually turn on the German Africa core after the arrival of British Field Marshal Bernard Mongomery, along with a larger force and American tanks which for one were reliable and machines that offered confidence in the minds of the tank heros. The Africa core were outnumber by atlas three to one and they were push North and out of Africa completely; this would be the last time that NAZI’s set foot on this continent.


The documentary also looks into the allied invasion of France, which the fifth Royal Tank Regiment also took apart in since they have now become highly experienced and were a force that was need to get the upper hand in the fight.

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