Man on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet - documentary

Man on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet
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Man on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet documentary. We have dreamed about putting a man on Mars since at least the mid 20th century however the extreme complexity involved in achieving such a challenge without purposefully sending people on a one way mission is immense. NASA has been working towards this goal directly since 2010 however it will not be until the 2030’s when humans visit the red planet. Mars is an amazing planet with rich scientific diversity as well as being a place we could one day call home. As a result expanding our knowledge about the planet is extremely important. Robots do a good job of telling us what the planet is like and sending us back amazing imagery but robots are still no way near as good at researching as humans would be on the surface.


NASA has been exploring the surface of Mars for the last 40 years and currently has a fleet of unmanned rovers there, however when humans travel aboard Orion and land on the red planet it will be a momentous event in history. BBC horizon investigates the great challenges involved in achieve this.

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