When Will Humans Live on Mars? - documentary

When Will Humans Live on Mars?
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Due to population growth and the strive to develop we are planning to travel to and set up a permanent human base on the planet Mars. This documentary “When Will Humans Live on Mars?” was created by motherboard and looks into how we are planning to take this massive leap for mankind. Traditionally NASA and other governmental agencies were the only organisations putting humans in space however this documentary follows some of the new privately funded companies which are planning to make a trip to the red planet.


The first company that is investigated in this documentary is the non-profit organisation which is called “Mars One” which is based in the Netherlands and founded was back in 2011. They started by finding the astronauts that would travel to Mars for which they had more than 200,000 applications. The interesting part about this tremendous application number is the fact that this mars mission is a one-way trip; once they are there they will live and die on the inhospitable planet.


The problem for a private company is actually funding such a massive project. The 2012 Olympic games inspired CEO of Mars one Bas Lansdorp to raise funding by advertising revenue as the games racked up more than $1 billion every day doing it. So the plan for Mars one is to create it into a reality T.V show that follows each crew member through every step of the journey.


Manned space flight to Mars is only just around the corner making it an amazing time to be living.

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