Attenboroughs Life That Glows - documentary

Attenboroughs Life That Glows
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Attenborough's Life That Glows documentary. There are many amazing creatures out there which dazzle and enchant our minds. To anyone who has seen a fire-fly you would know that it is hard not fall under it’s spell. From fascinating creatures in the ocean to magical light shows in the air, this documentary explores the life that glows.


To begin, why would any animal actually produce their own light? Until recently this has largely been unknown but through technological breakthroughs, the truth about living light can now be revealed in this stunning documentary film. One significant breakthrough is camera technology which has allowed scientists and filmmakers alike to document these amazing creatures in great detail revealing just some of their secrets. Another is a new bread of submersibles that can get up close to alien creatures lurking in some of the worlds deepest oceans.


In the Life That Glows documentary, Sir David Attenborough uses technology to explore these largely unseen worlds from a brand new perspective.

Science, Nature, Animal

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