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The Siege of Leningrad

2001 Unrated

The Siege of Leningrad was one of the worst sieges to happen in history. Also known as the Leningrad Blockade this siege happened in the city we call Saint Petersburg today and was conducted by the German army during world war 2.   It started on September 8th, 1941&nbs[...]

Sex in Strange Places - Russia


British documentary filmmaker Stacey Dooley travels to Russia for the final episode in the series “Sex in Strange Places”. Braving the cold she heads to the opulent city of St Petersburg and speaks to people who work on two completely different sides of the countries sex industry to[...]

Cold War


A Cold War documentary series produced by CNN covering many aspects of this era. The Cold War officially lasted between 1947 - 1991 and was a string of tensions between nuclear powers with opposing values; Capitalism to the west led by the United States and communism to the East led by the Sovi[...]

Inside Chernobyls Mega Tomb


Chernobyl isn’t known worldwide as a city but a nuclear disaster. It was once an idyllic and prosperous place in Soviet Russia with an economy that revolved around the power station and farming but on 26 April 1986 everything changed when due a series of careless mista[...]

The World at War 11 - Red Star

1973 Unrated

The World at War episode 11 –  Red Star, the awakening of the Soviet war machine.

The World at War 9 - Stalingrad


The World at War episode 9 - Stalingrad. The battle for Stalingrad, the turning point in world war 2.

Krokodil: Russias Deadliest Drug


Krokodil is a home-made drug that is popular in eastern Europe and Russia. The effects that it has on people is truly horrendous as it is highly addictive and the drug is usually made out of an array of different deadly chemical. The side effects causes addicts skin to turn dry, scaly and the f[...]

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