The Perfect Vagina - documentary

The Perfect Vagina
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The Perfect Vagina: British actress Lisa Rogers investigates "the perfect vagina" in this 2008 documentary. There is a growing trend in the UK around the modification of the vagina so that is considered to be more aesthetically pleasing involving a type of surgery called labiaplasty. 


This form of cosmetic surgery is designed to remove the "undesirable" parts of the vagina. Over recent years it has become the fastest-growing type of cosmetic surgery in the UK which was one of Lisa's motivations for making The Perfect Vagina documentary; to understand why girls still in their teens so desperately want surgery on their vaginas. In an age of perfectly photoshopped glamour models and the need to “fit in” finding its way into the pockets of young women in the form of social media, have we gone too far in the pursuit of trying to be perfect?


It must be said that if you watch The Perfect Vagina you will see some pretty disturbing scenes. Certainly not for minors.

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