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Side by Side
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Side by Side is a documentary film that explores the usage of two filmmaking processes, digital and film development. Produced by the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves who has helped make a number of documentary films over the years including “Deep Web” (2010),  Keanu co-produced Side by Side with Justin Szlasa.


Artists use both Digital and Film processes to create movies as they both have their own unique qualities. There are of course advantages and disadvantages of using either technique, one of the most notable of which is the extreme cost of producing a movie in 35mm film. Digital offers a cheap and instant solution but doesn't have the “authentic” feel that genuine film has which is the opinion of a lot of filmmakers. This documentary shows the audience what filmmakers have been able to accomplish using both methods and how their specific requirements have pushed film technology forwards.


Side by Side features a number of interviews with prominent directors, colour engineers and cinematographers who share their own personal thoughts about working with the two completely different technologies.


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