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What Is A Documentary & How Do i Make a Documentary?

If you desire to make your own documentary then you can definitely do it. All you need is to be aware of certain steps that are carried out in making one. Before we get into any details about how to make a documentary or how to make a short film, it is vital to clear about what a documentary is.


What is a documentary?


In general, documentary film-making has fundamentally evolved only in recent times. Therefore, it is no shock that there might be certain confusions regarding “what is a documentary”. To put it in simple terms, documentary is a word or a term for describing non-fiction movies, which in a certain way means documents or something that captures reality.


A documentary is frequently used for revealing an interesting, unusual and unknown angle. The subject or the concepts are restricted only to one’s imagination. The filmmakers of documentaries are frequently motivated for making their movies for the reason that they just feel a specific story.


How to make a documentary or how to make a short film?


Documentaries are any film or video, which informs the viewers regarding an issue or topic, in a realistic way. Many documentaries present us with a personal message and good educational information whereas others simply describe a few people. Many people believe that creating documentary film is easy since they are short films. Nevertheless, making documentaries is not easy as it sounds. To help you brain storm, I have put together some tips on how to make a documentary. It includes a systematic process that you need to be aware of.


Step 1: Research


Even though you may be an expertise or perhaps know what you are doing, it is always good to carry out some research. The ultimate resource “ the internet” can help you at anytime if you have a computer with an internet connection. You can even make use of the library or some of magzines for finding information. Apart from these two ideas, you also need to talk with people, who are literally interested in the subject you are talking about.


Step 2: Interview People


You need to get interviews from many people who possess knowledge in the topic you wish to make a documentary of. A great way for coming with some interview queries is none other than by a “Brainstorming Session”. This will help you to be aware of the questions you should be asking. Do not forget to jot down key points, as they might be helpful during your documentary filming.


Step 3: Outline The Documentary


The next essential step on how to make a documentary is none other than to organize each part of your film in a proper order so that it becomes appealing to all the viewers. Generally a good documentary will present itself in chronological order.


Step 4: Make Notes In A Diary


You need to jot down all the key factors about your documentary in a diary. It must have things like the errors you made, ways to avoid such errors during next documentary, how the documentary went etc.


Step 5: Do Screening


Once the footage is ready, you need to show it to someone. Maybe your friends or parents. Ask for their feedback and note down what they think about your concept. If they find something missing, then better to edit and fix any issues.