Korea Documentaries

The Propaganda Game


The Propaganda Game: North Korea is the worlds last stronghold of communism and at the centre of it is the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.   Spanish director Alvaro Longoria is fascinated with North Korea. He has long wondered whether everything we hear about North Korea in the West is true.[...]

K-Pop: Korea's Secret Weapon?


  In K-Pop: Korea's Secret Weapon? British Documentary filmmaker Adele Roberts investigates the rise of Korean pop music. Firstly she looks into the changing culture in the country and meets with the band “K-Pop” who is one of the biggest bands in the country. This Korea[...]

Aircrash: The Downing of Korean Airlines Flight 8509

1999 Unrated

A documentary about Korean Airlines Cargo Flight 8509 which crashed after taking off from Stanstead airport in 1999 killing all four crew members on board the Boeing 747-200F. Shortly after liftoff, something caused the plane to bank over harshly causing it to quite literally fall out of the sky. Bu[...]

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