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Louis Theroux, Savile

2016 01:10:20

WARNING – Contains disturbing themes   A couple of years after the huge revelation of Jimi Saviles predatory sex campaign spanning more than 40 years and 15 y...

Treasures of The Indus - Of Gods and Men

2016 00:59:05 Unrated

In the final episode of this BBC mini series, Sona Datta ends her tour of India by looking at the birth of Hinduism, from a highly intimate and personal relationship between people...

Treasures of the Indus - Pakistan Unveiled

2016 00:58:57 Unrated

In the first episode of the 3 part series, Sona Datta travels to Pakistan to trace the ancient origins that have shaped the modern India we see today. India is a subcontiniten...

Horizon the Mystery of Dark Energy

2016 00:58:51

Science is faced with one its toughest questions ever and the answer could revolutionise the way we understand our Universe and physics on its most fundamental leveel. Currently we...

Seven Ages of Starlight

2012 01:18:31

This is the epic story of life and death on the largest cosmic scale. By plotting and analysing stars from across the sky on their brightness, colour and size, astrologis...

The Brain with David Eagleman 3 Who is in Control

2016 00:54:07

In Episode 3 of the Brain with David Eagleman we look at the hidden world of the unconscious, and how big of an impact it has on everything we do and everything we are. We ten...

The Brain with David Eagleman 6 Who will we be

2016 00:55:31

In the final episode of the Brain with David Eagleman, we cast our mind into the future of the brain and ultimately our species. We have discovered that the brain will wire itself...

The Brain with David Eagleman: 5 Why Do I Need You?

2016 00:56:43

In Episode 5 of the Brain with David Eagleman, we look at how the Brain relies on interactions with other brains in order to grow and develop. We are born with social needs and ten...

The Brain With David Eagleman - 4 How do I decide?

2016 00:56:50

In this episode we look at the unseen side of the brain and how the unconcious is responsible for almost every thing we do that we take for granted. The brain is constantly making...

The Brain with David Eagleman - 2. What Makes Me?

2016 00:56:49

Episode 2 of the Brain with David Eagleman we look at the phases of the devloping brain. By being born with an underdevloped brain, it has enables us to mold and shape our brain in...

A Life on Screen: Stephen Fry

2015 00:59:06

Stephen Fry is a true national treasure. His talent knows no bounds thanks to his intelligence, whitt and acting prowess. In this documentary we look at a true legand of...

Panorama - The Secrets of Scientology

2015 00:59:07 Unrated

John Sweeney takes us inside the church of Scientology to discover some of its distrubing secrets that are being uncovered in this documentary for the very first time. Wi...

Colour The Spectrum Of Science Season 1 Episode 3 – Beyond The Rainbow

2015 00.58.53 Unrated

In the third episode of this series, Dr Helen Czerski looks at the colours beyond the rainbow and the invisible world of infra-red and ultra-violet. While these wave froms of light...

Secrets of Quantum Physics Ep 2

2014 00:58:71

Quantum Phsycist Dr Jim Al-Fhalili asks whether the strange world of Quatum of mechanics can answer some of the most perplexing questions in Biology. How birds manage to navigate a...

Britains Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield

2015 00:50:29

On a remote North west coast of England, lies one of the most secretive and controversial nucleur plants in the world, Sellafield. For decades its has been shrowded in co...

Colour: The Spectrum of Science Ep1 Colours of Earth

2015 00:50:32

Planet Earth is the most colouful place that we know of, it is a huge part of what makes our home so special. But what is colour? And how has our peception of it shaped the hi...

The Inca: Masters of the Clouds - Ep 2 Clash of Empires

2013 00:58:48

In the second installment of this two part mini series. Dr Jago Cooper questions that the very factors that led to the sucess of the Inca, could of well of lead to its rapid&n...

The Inca: Masters of the Clouds - Ep 1 Foundations

2015 00:58:45

Episode 1 of 2. Dr Jago Cooper from the British museum travels to Peru and Ecuador to the stunning areas of Machu Picchu and Cuco to look at the beginnings of the great I...

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