Watch 911 Documentaries

9/11: The Lost Tapes

2012 00:44:38

9/11: The Lost Tapes is a 2012 documentary film narrated by Colin Mace which provides a unique insight into the moments that changed the United States forever. As the events happen...

The Story Of Flight 93 - Real Stories

2016 00:55:39

The Story Of Flight 93: This documentary film tells the harrowing story of flight 93 which was hijacked by terrorists on September 11th 2001. United Airlines Fl...

Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 911

2004 02:02:21

Produced and directed by the world famous Michael Moore, this documentary looks deep into the equilibrium surrounding 9/11 and brings some interesting details into light. Michael M...

A collection of 911 documentaries to watch online.