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Before the Flood

smoke13 rated

There's no realistic alternative to fossil fuels so what the hell do they want us to do? He said at the beginning of the movie that were past the point of just using more efficient products.

All this is is a movie to try to combat 13 Hours. It's a late in the game attempt at trying to demonize republicans.

Of course we all know they didn't need to make this movie to get votes, they just need to stuff a few extra numbers in the boxes here and there. I watched this movie to the very end and I didn't see a single suggestion on how to improve on the situation besides the producers' bias to vote for democrats.

Reviewed on November 10, 2016

Planet Earth 2

smoke13 rated

I thought they would return to the sloth towards the end of the episode. You know, just to show that he was able to get to the girl or not. Guess he was left hanging after all, just like I was, waiting for a closure to the sloth's story. Epic documentary nevertheless! More please!!

Reviewed on November 11, 2016