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Inside Job

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I can´t believe that so many people are placing blame on the homeowners as if they had any responsibility about this.

As the documentary correctly points out. For 40 years after The Great Depression, were no global crisis like this one. With all the Government regulation that was placed, banks made responsible loans to people that could afford them. If they didn´t, the loans were not given. Pure and simple.

After deregulation, the financial system began this complex loan system that many of them did not quite understand and started granting loans to people they knew could not afford.

But how could the average joe know? For decades, we always thought that banks would not give loans to people that could not afford it. The banks, accountants and economic advisers are the ones who have the "know-how" about it, not the average joe.

The documentary did not blame homeowners because:

1. They did not benefit from this like the people in Wallstreet

2. They were duped by those with knowledge.

Pure and simple.

Reviewed on May 25, 2016


canator rated

Blackfish, a documentary on killer whales in Seaworld, was not only informative but heart wrenching. Watching this documentary I felt compelled to do something about this situation because it was so inspiring. These animals have finally been brought to the spotlight, which I found very empowering. Though, the documentary had a bias towards scientific enthusiasts who want these animals saved from captivity. While they could have done a better job informing and getting rid of the bias they implanted, the bias was almost necessary. Others can argue that they didn?t give Seaworld a fair say in this situation, but ultimately, they are dealing with live animals and if they have to exclude all other opinions to get the attention they need to save these creatures, than so be it. The film educated their audience with scientific facts that are hard to not believe which made the documentary credible. I believe this was just the push necessary to get these animals the exposure they needed to be saved from this cruel, tiny captivity. The filmmakers did a very great job showing emotions and captivating the audience on the issue at hand. Overall, it?s a documentary that everyone should watch because it can educate the public on what, or was, going on at Seaworld.

Reviewed on July 04, 2016