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Jan de Vries


( Jan de Vries )

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    • @smoke13 "There's no realistic alternative to fossil fuels" There are, they cover each one in the documentary. You just don't want to change because change is scary, difficult, and means stepping out of your comfort zone. "He said at the beginning of the movie that were past the point of just using more efficient products." Which is why he traveled around the world to be proven wrong. Every person he speaks to provides alternatives and solutions. "It's a late in the game attempt at trying to demonize republicans." You make several mistakes: 1. Thinking this has anything to do with the US elections. 2. Mistaking stating facts as a means to demonize. Facts are just that: facts. They have no opinion and aren't good or bad. If you have a problem with facts... well that's a whole different issue. 3. He mentioned individuals advocating against climate change who are being paid by energy companies. Whether they're republican or not is irrelevant. Anyone who argues against scientionBefore the Flood8 months ago

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