volcano Documentaries

Mega Disasters: Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption

2006 Unrated

  Mega Disasters: Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption. Could it erupt again soon?   The largest active volcano in the world is located below the serene Yellowstone park in the U.S. states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The Yellowstone supervolcano has erupted 3 times, the first ar[...]

Into The Inferno


  Into The Inferno, a 2016 documentary in which world-renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog who is responsible for likes of Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Grizzly Man and Into the Abyss graces our screens once again with spectacular views of ferocious volcanos and the people who live on[...]

Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami?

2013 Unrated

Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami? This documentary investigates what this phenomena is using realistic CGI and expert advice from scientists working in the field. If a mega Tsunami were to occur it could be potentially 1 kilometer tall and be traveling at more than 600 miles per hour, faster than a m[...]

Minute by Minute: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens


A documentary about the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. This film runs through the lives of eye witness and the key events leading up to the tremendous volcanic eruption which is one of the most destructive events to happen in human history. There are a number of interviews with eye witne[...]

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