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Unacknowledged, a 2017 feature-length documentary by American filmmaker Michael Mazzola who specialises in exposing secrets, looking at historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced and why.   The film, which features narration from actor Gianca[...]

Moon Rising 2 - The Greatest Story Ever Denied


An eye opening documentary created by Jose Escamilla exploring theories about space travel and UFO’s. This 2009 moon rising documentary is a follow up to the 2006 original titled UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied.    The UFO cover-up topics covered in this film[...]

GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Can We Travel in Time?

2016 Unrated

“GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Can We Travel in Time?” The first episode in a six part documentary series presented by Stephen Hawking. In this film professor Hawking challenges three people to determine if time travel is possible. The fascinating journey of discovery feature[...]

Journey to the Edge of the Universe


A documentary that takes us on a Journey to the edge of the universe. The movie starts not far from where you are now; at the edge of the Earths atmosphere which is about an hours drive away. From then on its a journey which covers millions of miles to the planet Venus, then onto Mercury which is th[...]

Cosmonauts: How Russia Won the Space Race


When we talk about who “won” the space race of the 20th century one would quickly assume that it was the United States. They placed 12 men on the moon after all. however you would be wrong because the real pioneers of space travel were the Soviet Union and the cosmonauts.[...]

Journeys in Space and Time


The eighth episode in the series Cosmos by Carl Sagan. In this episode Sagan looks into where exactly we are within the fabric of space-time and explores the possibility of time travel. As with all of the cosmos series it is well presented and allows you to open your imagination to the concepts[...]

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