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Uncertain Principles

1998 Unrated

Uncertain Principles is a 1998 BBC documentary narrated by Scotish actor Peter Capaldi (Dr Who) that takes us through the history of Quantum Mechanics. Of course with this being a rather old documentary science has already moved a long way, however, the film is still important because it provides a[...]

The Secret Life of Chaos


  Chaos theory is a mathematical study of how a seemingly chaotic system can be dramatically affected by a very small change, somewhat like a domino effect with infinitely growing magnitude; a change with little weight can over time be amplified into something that controls the whole sy[...]

The Beginning and End of the Universe


Respected quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili presents a two-part documentary series about the start and the demise of our universe titled “The Beginning and End of the Universe”. We know that the universe is expanding, this was first observed by Edwin Hubble who actually saw it acceleratin[...]

Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?


Is everything that we know about the universe wrong? Scientists are used to having theories that they have worked on for years suddenly debunked but the idea that everything that we know about the universe being incorrect is a scary notion yet something that is scientific at its core. This troubling[...]

Ancient Aliens Debunked

2012 Unrated

The Ancient Aliens Debunked documentary aims to debunk not just some but all of the claims made in the 2010 history channel series, Ancient Aliens which has only fueled the fire on this theory. The Ancient astronaut hypothesis as it is also commonly known says that at some time in the dist[...]

Naked Science: Time Machine


Naked Science: Time Machine: When scientists talk about time travel they don't talk about “time machines” as such, rather the ideas and principals that make time travel possible. In this documentary, we hear some radical ideas about time travel from leading scientists from aroun[...]

Whos Afraid of a Big Black Hole?


Black holes are the strangest things that we know of in the universe precisely because we know nothing about them. What we do know is based on theories which scientists are working on to uncover. The death of a star substantially large enough will collapse in on itself after a supernova with such fo[...]

Lost Horizons The Big Bang


In this documentary Jim Al Khalili takes us back through 50 years of BBC archive footage to document the history of two competing theories for the beginning of the Universe. However only one of the theories said that the universe “started”; the big bang theory, the name of[...]

The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension


This documentary takes us into the world of the 11th dimension as described by string theory. String theory says that there are 9 physical dimensions in space and 1 in time. As we know we only experience 3 of these dimensions with the other 6 being curled up into a microscopic state.  [...]

Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1


Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1: We are on the dawn of a quantum age in human history. In this documentary, the theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores some of the deepest questions that quantum physics may hold, in respect to what we already know about the universe.   Wha[...]

Theory of Everything: GOD, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons, Illusion & Reality


This documentary is not a regular science documentary however it should be looked upon as one because is goes a lot deeper than that. This is the theory of everything as presented by Trey Smith who looks to unravel the mysteries behind what most of us simply overlook. The documentary covers many[...]

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