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The Secret Life of Chaos

2010 00:55:00 Unrated

  Chaos theory is a mathematical study of how a seemingly chaotic system can be dramatically affected by a very small change, somewhat like a domino effect with infinitely&...

The Beginning and End of the Universe

2016 00:53:46

Respected quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili presents a two part documentary series about the start and the demise of our universe titled “The Beginning and End of the Universe...

Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?

2010 00:58:56

Is everything that we know about the universe wrong? Scientists are used to having theories that they have worked on for years suddenly debunked but the idea that everything that w...

Ancient Aliens Debunked

2012 03:10:44 Unrated

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a documentary which aims to debunk not just some but all of the claims made in the 2010 history channel series, Ancient Aliens which has only fueled the...

Naked Science: Time Machine

2008 00:44:29

When scientists talk about time travel they don't talk about “time machines” as such, rather the ideas and principals that make time travel possible. In this docume...

Whos Afraid of a Big Black Hole?

2009 00:59:06

Black holes are the strangest things that we know of in the universe precisely because we know nothing about them. What we do know is based on theories which scientists are working...

Lost Horizons The Big Bang

2008 00:59:02

In this documentary Jim Al Khalili takes us back through 50 years of BBC archive footage to document the history of two competing theories for the beginning of the Universe. H...

The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension

2003 00:53:10

This documentary takes us into the world of the 11th dimension as described by string theory. String theory says that there are 9 physical dimensions in space and 1 in time. A...

Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1

2014 01:53:43

  We are on the dawn of a quantum age in human history. In this documentary, the theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores some of the deepest questions that quant...

Theory of Everything: GOD, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons, Illusion & Reality

2013 02:49:42

This documentary is not a regular science documentary however it should be looked upon as one because is goes a lot deeper than that. This is the theory of everything as presented...

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