slave Documentaries

Sex Slaves of Bangladesh


  A Vice documentary showing the grim world of the sex slave trade in Bangladesh. The film shows that there are a huge number of women who are victims of sexual slavery, whether that is being kidnapped and simply sold or imprisoned and worked as a prostitute. There is no doubt that[...]

Ross Kemp: Libyas Migrant Hell

2017 Unrated

A shocking documentary created by veteran broadcaster Ross Kemp about the slave trade in Libya. This is a huge problem and has not received nearly enough international attention as it should have done. A very important documentary, the images of which need to be spread around the world in an ef[...]

Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination


in this day and age there is pretty much a fetish for anything if you look for it. In this Vice documentary we look into the world of “financial domination” which is a form of submission where the person is subjected to punishment in the form of women taking money from them. There is lit[...]

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