sea Documentaries

BBC Blue Planet II


BBC Blue Planet II is a follow up to the massively popular 2001 nature documentary series exploring the world's oceans. The series was first shown on BBC One on October 29th, 2017 and is presented by David Attenborough, possibly the most famous naturalist in the world right now.  [...]

Impossible Island: Dubai Palm Islands


A documentary about the Dubai Palm Islands narrated by Jonathan Hart and produced by Jessica Bassett for the TV series Mega structures. This modern marvel of the world consists of three artificially created islands for which construction began on back in 2001 and is still being worked on today,[...]

Ultimate Guide: Dolphin


Ultimate guide: Dolphin documentary. Dolphins are a diverse group of marine mammals dissimilar to whales and porpoises but grouped as paraphyletic. Currently there are 40 known species of this animal and it’s closest determined relative is the hippopotamus having separated ways around 40[...]

Life on the Reef: Summer


Life on the Reef, the epic three part documentary series presented by Rupert Ried following life living on some of the most amazing reef habitats in the world, from the Torres Straight to the great barrier reef. This episode looks at life on the great barrier reef during the summer; a tran[...]

Great Barrier Reef With David Attenborough


The First episode in the series, The Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. Back in 1957 David made his first trip to this natural wonder of the world which is considered by many to be the most beautiful of them all. The scale is grand and when he saw it he thought that it would probably l[...]

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste: revealed


The Mary Celeste was an American merchant ship which was found deserted in the Atlantic ocean close to the Portuguese Azores islands in 1872. The ghost ship has remained one of the biggest mysteries at sea for more than a century as the ship was found in a perfectly seaworthy condition yet the crew[...]

Hold fast


A documentary about new age environmentalists. this documentary followed moxie Marlinspike and a group of post-punk anarchists who rebuilt a boat and sailed it from Florida to the Dominican Republic. A fantastic low budget documentary.

A collection of sea documentaries to watch online.