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Dollar Heroes

2017 Unrated

Dollar Heroes: North Korea runs the worlds most infamous and largest forced labour systems. Due to increased sanctions on the regime, it has increased selling its own people to work as labourers around the world, mainly in China and Russia.   This is all to prop up Kim Jong-un, who has or[...]

The Fake Murder that Fooled the World

2018 Unrated

The Fake Murder that Fooled the World, a 2018 documentary by British BBC correspondent Jonah Fisher about the fake murder of Russian Journalist and critic of President Putin, Arkady Babchenko.    Ukranian officials confirmed Arkady's murder in May 2018. They reported that he had[...]

Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia

2015 Unrated

The three-part "Extreme Russia" documentary hosted by British broadcaster Reggie Yates explores aspects of contemporary Russian society that are rarely seen by Westerners. In the film, Reggie travels from the heart of Russia, Moscow, to some of the most remote parts of the country in the S[...]

Russia's Toughest Prisons

2011 Unrated

Russia's Toughest Prisons: This was the first time that an international film crew was allowed to film within some of the most brutal prisons in Russia. Inside prisoners live life under a savage regime discipline and often try to escape.

The Art of Russia

2009 Unrated

The Art of Russia, a three-part documentary made in 2009 by British historian and art-critic Andrew Graham-Dixon looking into the wonderful history of art in Russia.

World War II In Colour


World War II In Colour is an epic thirteen-part war documentary series covering the 20th centuries second greatest war in high quality remastered footage.   All of the episodes in this series are narrated by English actor Robert Powell (The Italian Job - 1969), who opens with an explanati[...]

Happy People: A Year In The Taiga


Happy People: A Year In The Taiga, a 2010 documentary by Werner Herzog and Dmitry Vasyukow which takes us to the surreal landscape of the Siberia Taiga in Russia to follow indigenous people who live by the river Yenisei.   The film shows us a completely different culture that is absolutel[...]

Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East


Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East, a 2011 war documentary series which covers many of the battles fought by the Soviet Union against the German army during the Second World War.   This starts in June 1941 when the German army invaded the USSR under a campaign codenamed "Operation Barbaro[...]

Russian Spy Assassins: The Salisbury Attack


The Salisbury Attack in small sleepy UK town has now prompted global sanctions against Russia. Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his partner were poisoned by Novichok, a military grade agent which was developed in the Soviet Union during the 1970's and 80's as a super chemical weapon which can[...]

Russia’s Hooligan Army

2017 Unrated

Russia’s Hooligan Army, a 2017 documentary by British filmmaker Alex Stockley von Statzer which explores football hooligans from Russia.   The film raises legitimate points about the safety of foreign fans who will attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup, starting on June 14th. If you have h[...]

Nukes in Space


Nukes in Space, a 1999 documentary by Peter Kuran with narration from American actor William Shatner (Star Trek) about the development of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in both Russia and the United States.   Kuran is known for his visual effect works on many high-profile m[...]

Rich, Russian and Living in London

2015 Unrated

Rich, Russian and Living in London, a 2015 society documentary hosted by BBC Russia radio presenter Seva Novgorodsev about the richest people who own property in London. Who are the super-rich Russian elite who have chosen to make London their home? Why have they favoured the capital[...]

The Children of Chernobyl

1991 Unrated

  The Children of Chernobyl is a 1991 documentary film directed by Clive Gordon which tells the story of the Chernobyl disaster and how the Soviets tried to cover it up.

Putin: The New Tsar


  Putin: The New Tsar is a 2018 political documentary hosted by British filmmaker Patrick Forbes about one of the worlds most powerful and influential leaders; Vladimir Putin.   This biography starts decades ago when Putin was a low-level KGB officer, in 1991 after the collapse of[...]

Mystery of the Romanovs

2007 Unrated

  When Russia's last tsar, Nicholas II, and his family disappeared 90 years ago, eyewitness accounts said the family was brutally murdered. What really happened to them? Grand Duchess Anastasia documentary by Dan Krauss investigates this mystery.

The War of the World

2006 Unrated

The War of the World is a documentary pushing the idea that world war 1, 2 and the Cold War were not separate wars but one continuous century-long war.   This theory is presented by controversial historian Niall Ferguson who wrote a book called The War of the World: History's Age of H[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Russia's War on Women


  In Russia's War on Women Stacey Dooley Investigates a dark secret which is kept behind closed doors in Russia. It has been estimated that thousands of women are killed by their partners every year in the country. Domestic violence is higher than it should be everywhere around the[...]

Space Race

2005 Unrated

  A 2005 BBC documentary drama series chronicling in the famous Space Race between the Soviet Union and the United States during The Cold War, presented by British actor Richard Dillane (ARGO). Since it was a "race" then who won it went all is said and done? In the b[...]

Communism: The Promise and the Reality

1995 Unrated

Communism: The Promise and the Reality is a 1995 documentary series which looks at the evolutionary history of the communist ideology.   Beginning in the early 20th Century with the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 led by Vladimir Lenin, the documentary then moves on through most signifi[...]

Engineering an Empire


  Engineering an Empire is a series of 14 documentaries that go over the world's history and it's many accomplishments in the realms of engineering.    The documentaries which are narrated by American actor Peter Weller (Robocop) cover many of the major brea[...]

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