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The Sex Robots are Coming (preview)


The first episode for the new channel 4 The Sex Robots are Coming documentary series about “the rise of the robots”. Of course, the first episode would cover how a realistic sex robot is being created by a company in the US because it is the first function of AI we as huma[...]

Robots Rising


This documentary was made in 1998.. A question that has been on every ones mind who has seen the 1984 movie “The Terminator”. Robots are coming out of the laboratory and stepping into the real world with us. This documentary explores the real life terminators which are being develop[...]

The Hunt for AI


The hunt for artificial intelligence is on. BBC Horizon investigates how close the human race is to making true AI. Every year computing power is almost doubling and we are now at the stage where a computer can match the power of the human brain. However, intelligence is not measured on calculating[...]

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