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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Neil DeGrasse Tyson


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a ground-breaking 13-part documentary series narrated by American Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson looking at many aspects of what we have learned about the very nature of reality.   The series is a direct follow up to the landmark documentary "Cos[...]

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage - Carl Sagan


Cosmos with Carl Sagan makes one think deeply about the very fundamentals of our universe. Carl is one of the most well-known scientists in the world because of his ability to popularise scientific subjects by giving them profound meaning, a skill he demonstrates extensively in this documentary seri[...]

Uncertain Principles

1998 Unrated

Uncertain Principles is a 1998 BBC documentary narrated by Scotish actor Peter Capaldi (Dr Who) that takes us through the history of Quantum Mechanics. Of course with this being a rather old documentary science has already moved a long way, however, the film is still important because it provides a[...]

What The Bleep Do We Know


What The Bleep Do We Know is a 2004 documentary film by William Arntz which presents a different view of the universe than the one we usually recognize.   In a traditional sense, we look at the universe based purely on what we can see with our eyes. If you except that is all reality consi[...]

Through The Wormhole: What is Nothing?


Through the Worm Hole Season 3 episode 5 what is nothing? In this documentary Morgan Freeman explores the concept of nothing. We all have some picture of what nothing is but are these ideas really true? To find out we have to look into the newly discovered science of quantum mechanics, a strang[...]

Visions of the Future: The Quantum Revolution


The quantum revolution is only just around the corner and the projects that scientists are working on around the world will more than likely find their way into our homes within the next 50 years. This new branch of science presents a number of challenges and more especially responsibility because o[...]

Secrets of Quantum Physics Ep 2


Quantum Phsycist Dr Jim Al-Fhalili asks whether the strange world of Quatum of mechanics can answer some of the most perplexing questions in Biology. How birds manage to navigate across huge distances while maintaining a sense of direction. He goes onto look at the role quantum vibrations have on ou[...]

What Is Reality?


A BBC horizon documentary which aims to answer a fundamental question: What is reality? Surely this is obvious but when you think about it, it is not as there is a strange world which underlays the normal, physical reality. The world of quantum. We still know very little about the quantum world[...]

Which Universe Are We In?


This documentary explores the idea of multiple universes, and multiple instances of our own universe which are all running at the same time; according to the theory described here there is another universe where the Germans won world war 2 and where you are the president of the united states.[...]

Defeating the hackers


In the past the biggest threat to the world was almost solely nuclear weapons however, in 2015 the greatest threat is almost certainly the keyboard. As everything that we do in our lives is connected to the internet we can never be sure that our personal information is 100% safe from lone hacke[...]

Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1


Secrets of quantum physics Ep 1: We are on the dawn of a quantum age in human history. In this documentary, the theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores some of the deepest questions that quantum physics may hold, in respect to what we already know about the universe.   Wha[...]

Universe or Multiverse - Quantum Physics


Are we living in a universe which is finite? If so where does it end and what is beyond that? In this documentary which is based on the book “the fabric of the cosmos”, we explore this incredibly deep and complex theory.

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