plastic Documentaries

Drowning in Plastic


Disposable plastic items have been ruinous for the environment, especially the oceans.   In the 2018 documentary Drowning in Plastic, Irish science and history presenter Liz Bonnin teams up with marine biologists and campaigners to investigate the true damage plastic has caused to oceans.[...]

Addicted to Plastic

2008 Unrated

Addicted to Plastic, a 2008 environmental documentary by Canadian filmmaker Ian Connacher exploring modern societies prolific use of plastic and the devastation it causes to the natural world.   The film took three years to make and takes us around the world and shows the audience first h[...]

Face to Face a Plastic Surgery Story - Real Stories

2008 Unrated

English actress Leslie Ash famous for starring in the BBC sitcom Men Behaving Badly presents a documentary about plastic surgery, exploring it’s benefits, problems and pitfalls in a largely unregulated industry.   As a poster girl and comedy actress her image in the public eye is im[...]

3D Printed Guns


3D Printed Guns: With an ever increasing restriction on who can purchase firearms in the United States, there has been a rise in the interest of 3D printed guns. This documentary presented by Erin Lee Carr examines how rapid advancements in technology have allowed people to create dea[...]

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