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BBC Blue Planet II


BBC Blue Planet II is a follow up to the massively popular 2001 nature documentary series exploring the world's oceans. The series was first shown on BBC One on October 29th, 2017 and is presented by David Attenborough, possibly the most famous naturalist in the world right now.  [...]



Home (2009) is a feature length documentary which shows the immense diversity of life on planet Earth using wide angle shots from the international space station and filmed in over 50 countries using helicopter aerial shots. The documentary was created by French director and photographer Yann A[...]

Planet Earth 2 (preview)


Planet Earth 2 episode 1 – Islands,   exploring the wonderful array of animals that live on both large and small islands. This is episode 1 of the highly popular natural history documentary series Planet Earth presented by Sir David Attenborough and produ[...]


1982 Unrated

Koyaanisqatsi is a 1982 documentary film directed by American film maker Godfrey Reggio (b March 29, 1940 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA). The film uses only images and music to tell a dramatic story of nature on Earth, more specifically how man has changed it. In the beginning of the[...]

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox: The Universe in a Snowflake


Forces of Nature with Brian Cox episode 1. The Universe in a Snowflake, the first documentary in a series that looks closely at the world around us to reveal its true construct. The shapes in the nature that surrounds us are produced by fundamental rules which govern the universe and when investigat[...]

Tails You Win: The Science of Chance


A documentary about the science of chance presented by David Spiegelhalter. In this film we look into the world of chance which controls everything that we do, essentially we cannot predict precisely the future according our current knowledge however the mathematical principal of probability is cert[...]

Let it Snow - The Secrets of Nature

2014 Unrated

A snow flake is an ice crystal which forms in the Earths atmosphere, they begin their life as snow crystals which are created when super cooled cloud droplets freeze. Every snow flake is a unique object that forms in a six fold pattern which is determined by the changing humidity[...]

In the Mind of Plants

2016 Unrated

A documentary that takes a look into the largely unknown world of how plants communicate. As a result there is a whole new field of scientific research which now looks into the neurobiology of plants. The questions that this research is raising is amazing and really blurs the line between what we th[...]

Blackfish (preview)


Blackfish documentary (2013). Keeping large animals such as whales and dolphins is dangerous for both humans and the animals, but this is easily forgot when they are performing spectacular stunts for spectators at theme parks. The documentary Blackfish primarily looks into three major incidents[...]

The Living Matrix


The Living Matrix is a 2009 documentary by Greg Becker about alternative healing.   There is an intricate web of factors that determine our health. The documentary The living Matrix uncovers the science of healing and sheds light on some new ideas which are presented by experts[...]

Colour: The Spectrum of Science Ep1 Colours of Earth


Planet Earth is the most colouful place that we know of, it is a huge part of what makes our home so special. But what is colour? And how has our peception of it shaped the history of our planet. In the first episode Dr Helen Czerski looks at how the earth was transformed from just another dry[...]

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

2009 Unrated

A documentary about evolution. Earth is the only known planet which sustains life and it does so with a huge abundance, from the north pole to the south the planet is teaming with life from massive flowers to strange reptiles there is life in seemingly every shape and form. With such huge biodiversi[...]

State of the Planet

2000 Unrated

We certainly live on an extraordinary planet which is dominated by a vast and complex array of life. David Attenborough has been documenting this life for more than 50 years and has created many films revealing animals from the mountain gorilla to the blue whale. In this documentary he explores[...]

wonders of the solar system - The Thin Blue Line


When you look up into the sky from the surface of the earth, one would believe that the earths atmosphere is almost endless. Of course we know that it does indeed end and beyond that is only the incredibly hash environment of space for billions of miles. In this documentary Brian Cox explores what i[...]

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