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Mexico's Streets of Blood


Mexico's Streets of Blood: In 2017 Mexico's drug-related murders reached a record high with nearly 30,000 people killed that year.   To investigate the seriousness of the situation British journalist Clive Myrie travels to the coastal city of Acapulco, a notorious city known for b[...]

First Face of America

2018 Unrated

  First Face of America, a 2018 Nova documentary film with narration by Jay O. Sanders (The Day After Tomorrow) about possibly the oldest human remains ever found in America.   More than 13,000-years-ago a teenage woman fell 100-foot into a cave in Mexico’s Yucatán an[...]

Which Way Home

2009 Unrated

Which Way Home delivers a potent message in light of the current US president; this 2009 documentary film follows a number of children who are attempting to travel to the United States from Central America and Mexico.   Written and directed by American filmmaker Rebecca Cammisa, one of th[...]

The Missing 43: Mexico's Disappeared Students

2014 Unrated

  The Missing 43: Mexico's Disappeared Students; Vice investigates the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico in 2014.   It all began on September 26th of that year when the police intercepted a group of students who were travelling from Ayotzinapa to join a protest in Iguala.[...]

Cartel Land


Cartel land is a documentary about the war on drugs in Mexico. This war has been going on for years and has wreaked havoc across the country destroying the peace. With unprecedented access documentary film maker Matthew Heineman meets Jose Mireles, known to locals as “El  Doctor[...]

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