mars Documentaries

Mars: Red and Dead


It was only 60-years-ago when many people still entertained the idea that there could be intelligent life on planet Mars. Ideas such as there being lush jungles on the surface and that tributary-like objects spotted through low-resolution telescopes could be canals made by intelligent beings. Of cou[...]

The Horizon Guide to Mars

2009 Unrated

The Horizon Guide to Mars (first board cast in 2009) is a documentary that looks into the fantastic human strive to find out the secrets of the red planet. To provide a time-line of Mars exploration history Dr Kevin Fong uses more than 40 years worth of BBC & Horizon archive footage which s[...]

Asteroids - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


When you look up into a clear sky at night space looks like a peaceful and tranquil place however it is not. Our very own solar system poses a threat to planet Earth in the form of asteroids which are typically orbiting the sun in-between the planets Mars and Jupiter but can sometimes be knocked off[...]

The Mars Underground


A 2007 documentary film which explores a cost effective manned Mars mission; Mars direct. The main problem as argued by the Mars Direct figure head, Robert Zubrin is that NASA and other space agencies around the world have been running quite literally in circles since the Apollo space program was ca[...]

When Will Humans Live on Mars?


Due to population growth and the strive to develop we are planning to travel to and set up a permanent human base on the planet Mars. This documentary “When Will Humans Live on Mars?” was created by motherboard and looks into how we are planning to take this massive leap for mankind[...]

Blues for a Red Planet


Blues for a Red Planet: As mankind plans its first ever manned mission to Mars, this particular episode of Cosmos is more relevant now than ever before. Dr Sagan takes us through the history of Mars our beautiful red neighbour and its history of fictional tales that have surrounded it since the[...]

Ultimate Mars Challenge


The Mars rover Curiosity is a truly amazing feat of engineering and science. If you want to get to mars there are a lot of challenges involved never mind actually making a soft surface landing with a 1,982 pound rover. This documentary explores what it took to develop and test this rover a[...]

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