logic Documentaries

The Greater Good - Mind Field - Trolley Experiment


A thrilling new documentary by the popular Youtube science channel Vsauce investigating how people will really react to the “trolley problem”. This thought experiment simply aims to distinguish what people will do in a life or death situation when they are compelled to take action w[...]

How You Really Make Decisions


We all like to think that we are smart, wise, rational and creative beings who make thought-out and conscious decisions based on logic. But this very human notion may have to be thought about again, a topic that is investigated by John Simm in the documentary, How You Really Make Decisions[...]

The Joy of Logic


In this documentary we take a step into the world of logic with computer scientist Dave Cliff. To explain how logic has enriched all of our lives we explore philosophy, maths, science and technology all of which at their core are defined by logic. An example used by Dave Cliff is the program th[...]

A collection of logic documentaries to watch online.