Italy Documentaries

The Nigerian Connection

2011 Unrated

Ask any Westerner to think about crime in Nigeria and most would probably immediately remember that email they got telling them they are owed $100 million but have to transfer $300 by Western Union to process the transaction. Perhaps a few others would think of oil corruption, very few would think a[...]

Renaissance: Andrew Graham-Dixon


Renaissance is a six-part documentary series hosted by British art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon about the Italian Renaissance.   This Renaissance began in the 14th century and lasted into the 17th century. It was the earliest European Renaissance and marked a huge shift in cultural changes[...]

Amanda Knox The Untold Story

2011 Unrated

There is a good chance that you have heard about Amanda Knox, for she was embroiled in one of the most publicised murder trials of all time. This 2011 Amanda Knox documentary tells the untold story.   In 2007 Knox was convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher, her British roommate while[...]

The World at War 13 - Tough Old Gut Italy

1973 Unrated

The World at War –  Tough Old Gut Italy, the 13th film in the landmark documentary series which explores, Mussolini and Italy’s involvement in world war 2.

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