hacking Documentaries

Inside the Dark Web


Inside the Dark Web documentary: Decades after the initial launch of the internet as a tool for scientific research it has turned into a whole different beast which is used for surveillance by governments and other, darker organisations. This is of great concern to a lot of people in light of r[...]

Revolution OS

2001 Unrated

  Revolution OS, directed by J. T. S. Moore takes a look back over the last twenty years of the open source operating systems Linux and GNU and how they came to lead the charge in this software revolution.   When we say “revolution” these platforms have never been[...]

Freedom Downtime: The Kevin Mitnick Story


  This is the story of Kevin Mitnick, ex-hacker, author and computer security consultant who is known for his famous 1995 computer crimes arrest and subsequent jailing for 5 years. Before this, he had been arrested and jailed for 12 months in 1988 for taking software from the DEC&r[...]

The Hacker Wars

2014 Unrated

  The Hacker Wars, a documentary about hacktivists who are using online technologies to bring about social change and are a target for the US government. The film follows the so-called “information warriors” and takes us to the front-line for “the war for our mind[...]

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