graffiti Documentaries

Style Wars


Style Wars, a 1983 documentary directed by Tony Silver which explores hip-hop culture and it's links to America.   Style Wars shows how incredibly rich this subculture was during the late 1970's in New York City. Especially because the film was actually made in that era making it[...]

Beautiful Losers

2008 Unrated

Beautiful Losers, a 2008 art and music documentary co-directed by Aaron Rose, Joshua Leonard which follows a group of "do it yourself" street artists who affected the entire world of art.   The film documents a group of creative people who in the 1990's took ideas from the G[...]

Bomb It


  Bomb It, a 2007 documentary film by award-winning director Jon Reiss about the controversial art-form and sub-culture: Graffiti.   Graffiti is not some new movement that has just sprung up as Jon explains in his documentary. In fact, you can go back to the dawn of man and see th[...]

A collection of graffiti documentaries to watch online.