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Inside Obamas White House - Episode 1

2016 00:58:50

Inside Obama’s White House is a 2016 documentary series narrated by Frank Sesno about Barack Obama’s pr...

The Act of Killing

2012 02:39:54

The act of killing, a 2012 documentary film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer and produced by award winning producer Signe...

Anonymous - Chasing Edward Snowden

2016 00:58:00

Anonymous have released a new full-length documentary which is about Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower who escap...

Matrix of Evil

2003 02:02:45

Alex Jones takes on the government to reveal to the world the wickedness which apparently is controlling the united stat...

Inside Job

2010 01:48:32

A documentary about the massive financial crash of 2008 which cost more than $20 trillion and was the biggest globa...

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

2007 02:19:30

Alex Jones presents the plan of the new world order, a world government which intends to control everyone on the planet....

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off

2009 01:51:23 Unrated

This documentary is presented by the American radio host Alex jones and looks into who Barak Obama is. Alex Jones puts t...

Russell Brand - End the Drugs War

2014 00:57:20

Russell Brand wants the war on drugs to end. In this documentary he explores how countries who have taken a differnt app...


2015 00:54:58

This is the story of Citizenfour, an alias for Edward Snowden, the whistle blower who exposed many of the NSA's most...