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Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World


Trailer for the documentary.    Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is a 2016 documentary about the internet directed by award-winning film maker We...

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

2011 02:41:25 Unrated

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a feature length documentary film that presents a case for moving from the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the world to...

Horizon: The End of Solar System

2016 00:59:05

BBC Horizon documentary “The End of the Solar System” explores theories about when our back yard in the cosmic ocean will cease to exist. The end of the solar system is...

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 2: Apocalypse

2016 00:49:59

The second episode in the documentary series presented by Morgan Freeman: The Story of God. In the second episode episode we look into the Apocalypse, a tale described in almo...

The Mars Underground

2007 01:13:53

A 2007 documentary film which explores a cost effective manned Mars mission; Mars direct. The main problem as argued by the Mars Direct figure head, Robert Zubrin is that NASA and...

The Brain with David Eagleman 6 Who will we be

2016 00:55:31

In the final episode of the Brain with David Eagleman, we cast our mind into the future of the brain and ultimately our species. We have discovered that the brain will wire itself...

Visions of the Future: The Quantum Revolution

2013 00:58:37

The quantum revolution is only just around the corner and the projects that scientists are working on around the world will more than likely find their way into our homes within th...

2057: The World

2007 00:43:31 Unrated

The third documentary in the series 2057 presented by Michio Kaku. The previous episode looked into how cities may work in the future, in this episode we look at how the world...

2057: The City

2007 00:43:30 Unrated

The second documentary in the series 2057 presented by Michio Kaku. In this film we look at what the future might look like for cities from the buildings to the people who live in...

2057: The Body

2007 00:43:20

What would it be like to live in the year 2057? This documentary series presented by Michio Kaku aims to give us a better idea. From robot assisted bodies to flying ambulances the...

The Virtual Reality Virgin

2016 00:27:45

Looking into the world of virtual reality. In this documentary Tyger Drew-Honey, looks into some of the brand new virtual reality head sets which are going to be on the consumer ma...

Human Universe - What is our Future?

2014 00:58:07

It has been more than 200,000 years since humans like us (homo-sapiens that is) had emerged from the Rift Valley of East Africa. Since then we have lived as a civilizatio...

Journeys in Space and Time

1980 01:01:39

The eighth episode in the series Cosmos by Carl Sagan. In this episode Sagan looks into where exactly we are within the fabric of space-time and explores the possibility of ti...

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