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The Blind Watch Maker


The Blind Watch Maker, a 1987 BBC Horizon documentary film within which English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins challenges the creationism theory.   This documentary is based on Dawkins' 1986 book titled "The Blind Watchmaker" which makes an explanation of evolution b[...]

Walking with Cavemen


Walking with Cavemen is a four-part 2006 BBC history documentary series created by Nick Green about the history of Human evolution.   Unlike the other "walking with" documentaries; Walking With Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts, and Walking with Monsters this final edition was not[...]


2002 Unrated

  Liam Neeson presents a seven-part series on the history of evolution. Evolution investigates how the amazing array of life we see on Earth today could possibly have evolved, and how it all started.

Lifes Rocky Start

2016 Unrated

A NOVA produced documentary which looks into how rocks are fundamental to life on earth. Around four billion years ago the Earth was nothing like it is today, it was a hellish world with a black surface and littered with super massive volcanoes belching toxic gasses into the atmosphere. The puzzling[...]

Are We Still Evolving ?


Anatomist Dr Alice Roberts looks into one of the great question about the human species: Are we still evolving. We as humans are the products of millions of years worth of evolution here on earth, but now in the 21st century can we safely say that we have escaped "the survival of the fittest&qu[...]

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