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Trinity and Beyond


Trinity and beyond takes us on one of the most possibly folish endevours that humanity has ever encountered. In this documentary we see the preparations for the Trinity event through to the first thermonuclear detonation within which the first fusion reaction that took place using a fission det[...]



  Samsara is a documentary that explores the world through images to discover the connection between humanity and nature. The film was shot in 25 different countries over 5 years to deliver a powerful and unique insight into natural wonders, disaster zones and sacred places around the world.[...]

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

2009 Unrated

A documentary about evolution. Earth is the only known planet which sustains life and it does so with a huge abundance, from the north pole to the south the planet is teaming with life from massive flowers to strange reptiles there is life in seemingly every shape and form. With such huge biodiversi[...]

State of the Planet

2000 Unrated

We certainly live on an extraordinary planet which is dominated by a vast and complex array of life. David Attenborough has been documenting this life for more than 50 years and has created many films revealing animals from the mountain gorilla to the blue whale. In this documentary he explores[...]

Can Eating Insects Save the World?


With the global population currently at 7.3 Billion people and climbing, one of the first problems mankind will face is a global food shortage, as we struggle to meet the ever growing demands for meat and live stock. Stefan Gates travels to Thailand and Cambodia to explore one of the most promising[...]

How the earth was made - Mount Everest


A look at how Mount Everest was made, the tallest peak in the world. This documentary explore what it took to create the Himalayan mountains which were once apart on an ancient ocean bed. In the documentary you will find a lot of geological explanations along side supporting evidence. 

Into Eternity: A Film for the Future

2010 Unrated

A thought provoking documentary which explores the impact of our increasing use of nuclear energy. It looks into the argument from a different perspective which will make you think about how safe the radioactive waste from such energy production is as it takes 1000's of years to become safe agai[...]

Ray Mears - the forgotten forest


Ray Mears explores the beautiful Northern forest and explains some vital tips to survive in this amazing but potentially brutal environment.

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