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Revenge of the Electric Car

2011 Unrated

Revenge of the Electric Car, a 2011 documentary within which director Chris Paine takes his film crew behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, and the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors to chronicle the story of the global resurgence of electric cars.   This documentary is a follow-up to[...]

Tesla: Master of Lightning

2000 Unrated

Tesla: Master of Lightning, a biographical documentary made in 2000 about the electronics genius Nikola Tesla. The film is based on a book of the same name by Jim Glenn, Margaret Cheney, and Robert Uth which was published in 1999.  Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) was a Serbian-American in[...]

Earth 2050: The Future of Energy

2011 Unrated

  Dir Michael Epstein, Lilibet Foster Three stories from filmmakers about the expected change in the future of energy, in the year 2050. Earth 2050: The Future of Energy looks at interesting ways for which we are going to be powering our lives in the near future as our demands for energ[...]

Who Killed the Electric Car?


Who Killed the Electric Car? Back in 1996, electric cars were the real buzz. You’d see them cruising down the streets quietly without any exhaust fumes coming out the back. Ten years later, these cars were destroyed and have become a thing of the past. Whatever happened to the electric ca[...]

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity


Discovering and harnessing the power of electricity brought us into the age we live in today. It has been more than three hundred years since it was first discovered in the 17th century by English scientist William Gilbert. In this documentary physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the wei[...]

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