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A documentary which explores just what little we know about the amazing element that is water (H2O). Water makes up more than 90% of the Earths surface and makes up most of the human body but do we really know the secrets behind this life giving element?   If it was not for water we would[...]

The Lost Pyramids of Caral

2002 Unrated

An investigative documentary about the lost pyramids of Caral. The amazing city of Caral is located in the Supe Valley in the Barranca province of Peru and is the most ancient of all the cities in the Americas. The city was built between the periods of roughly 2600 BC and 2000 BC by the Norte C[...]

Science Britannica - Clear Blue Skies


Part three and the last episode of Science Britannica presented by professor Brian Cox who has been taking us on a 350 year year journey through British science and innovation. Science in Britain has often been the beholder of discoveries that where made by complete chance or by simply ask[...]

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity


Discovering and harnessing the power of electricity brought us into the age we live in today. It has been more than three hundred years since it was first discovered in the 17th century by English scientist William Gilbert. In this documentary physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the wei[...]

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