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Whether you're looking at the right kind of property in the residential space, or perhaps you are more interested in a triple net lease option on the industrial side. At precisely the same time, if there's inadequate real estate property available to fulfill the demand of buyers, the rates w[...]



  Objectified is a 2009 art and engineering documentary created by American photographer Gary Hustwit.   The film looks at our close relationship with manufactured objects and those who make them a reality. Objectified takes us behind the scenes to see how some of the coolest tech[...]

A Jumbo Jet Engine


In this BBC documentary we look at how to build a A Jumbo Jet Engine. As the Boeing 787 Dreamliner made it’s first flight back in 2013 using the revolutionary Trent 1000 jet engine made by Rolls Royce we follow the story of how this amazing piece of technology and engineering took shape.[...]

Stephen Hawkings Grand Design: Did God Create the Universe?


In this documentary Stephen Hawking explores whether or not god created the universe. What is the universe and what is our place within it? This question has been embedded in the human mind forever and its based on the idea that there is something greater, a higher being that you could call “g[...]

A collection of design documentaries to watch online.