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Revolution OS

2001 01:25:10 Unrated


Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

2011 00:54:56

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing, a PBS produced documentary about Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniaks’ founding of Apple computer and the huge influence it has had on the persona...

Zero Days

2016 00:02:08 Unrated

Trailer only.   Zero Days is a 2016 documentary film created by award winning film director Alex Gibney (The Armstrong Lie,Taxi to the Dark Side, Going Clear: Scientolog...

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine

2003 01:24:59

Man VS machine. This documentary is about the famous chess game between Garry Kasparov who at the time was considered by many to be the best chess player in the world and the...

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

2015 00:58:40

A documentary about the history of the modern computer. Dr Hannah Fry tells the story of the unlikely genius Ada Lovelace who is responsive for creating the blueprint for the moder...

The Joy of Logic

2013 00:59:28

In this documentary we take a step into the world of logic with computer scientist Dave Cliff. To explain how logic has enriched all of our lives we explore philosophy, maths,...

Defeating the hackers

2013 00:58:43

In the past the biggest threat to the world was almost solely nuclear weapons however, in 2015 the greatest threat is almost certainly the keyboard. As everything that we do i...

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