black hole Documentaries

Black Hole Apocalypse


  Black Hole Apocalypse, a 2018 science documentary presented by American cosmologist Janna Levin about the most mysterious known objects in our Universe.   First described by Stephen Hawking in his famous publication "Occurrence of singularities in open universes" in 19[...]

Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time

1991 Unrated

A Brief History of Time is, of course, based on Stephen Hawking’s seminal work. It attempts to explain almost everything from black holes to E=MC2. This is for anyone who wants to sound like the smartest guy or girl in the room – it’s a fantastic documentary that is based on one of[...]

The Hawking Paradox

2005 Unrated

The Hawking Paradox: A 2005 BBC horizon documentary exploring the revolutionary yet troubled scientific puzzle: The black hole information paradox. This controversial theory is something that Steven Hawking defended for almost thirty years and gave him the nickname “the most stubborn man[...]

Whos Afraid of a Big Black Hole?


Black holes are the strangest things that we know of in the universe precisely because we know nothing about them. What we do know is based on theories which scientists are working on to uncover. The death of a star substantially large enough will collapse in on itself after a supernova with such fo[...]

Cosmic monsters


Cosmic Monsters: Exploring the most brizarre phenominon that we currently know of in the cosmos. the black hole. There are potentially thousands of them in the Milky way galaxy alone, however it is the one at our galactic center scientists are most interested in, which is simply massive. At ove[...]

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