bear Documentaries

Frozen Planet


Prolific British naturalist Sir David Attenborough takes us to the final frontiers of Earth in Frozen Planet; the Arctic and Antarctic in this 2011 documentary series produced by the BBC.   While the north and south poles of Earth are incredibly inhospitable places, they are full of[...]

Grizzly Man (preview)

2006 Unrated

Grizzly Man is a 2006 documentary film following the live of Timothy Treadwell who was a person fascinated by bears to the point where some people might call it obssession. Every year, due to his interest, he’d go to Alaska and spend as much time as he could living side by side with the b[...]

Polar Bears: Ice Bear


Polar bear documentary. Film makers provide a stunning insight into one of the most formidable predators on the planet as they capture breathtaking footage recorded over a 12 month period in the Canadian Arctic. The footage captured brings the viewer up close to the polar bear in it’s nat[...]

A World Unseen: The Revenant


A documentary about the making of “The Revenant”. The 2015 Adventure drama film The Revenant follows the story of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) on a fur trading mission in the early 1820’s. A bear attack leaves him almost dead but Glass uses h[...]

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