Assad Documentaries

Salam Neighbor

2015 Unrated

Salam Neighbor, an award-winning documentary made by American filmmakers Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasc who stay in a Syrian refugee camp to reveal the true stories about those who live there.   Salam Neighbor was made in 2015, at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis. And while many new[...]

The White Helmets


  “The White Helmets” is a short documentary movie by British journalist Nagieb Khaja about Syrian Civil defence workers. The White Helmets is a voluntary organisation which operates in rebel-controlled areas within the Syrian Civil War, mostly with medic[...]

The Boy who started the Syrian War

2017 Unrated

A Syrian war documentary film about the then 14-year-old Mouawiya Syasneh. Back in 2011, he painted anti-Assad Government graffiti on a wall at his school in Deraa, Syria which according to Aljazeera is what played a large role in the beginning of the civil war in the country.   As o[...]

A collection of Assad documentaries to watch online.