arctic Documentaries

Building Giants: Arctic Mega Bridge

2018 Unrated

  Building Giants: Arctic Mega Bridge is a 2018 engineering documentary about the Hålogaland Bridge, longest suspension bridge in the Arctic Circle.   This suspension bridge was built to cross the Rombaksfjorden in the municipality of Narvik in Nordland county, Noway. Constr[...]

Frozen Planet


Prolific British naturalist Sir David Attenborough takes us to the final frontiers of Earth in Frozen Planet; the Arctic and Antarctic in this 2011 documentary series produced by the BBC.   While the north and south poles of Earth are incredibly inhospitable places, they are full of[...]

Nanook of the North

1922 Unrated

  Nanook of the North is a revolutionary 1922 silent documentary film directed by Robert J. Flaherty.   The documentary follows the life of an Inuit called Nanook and his family who live in the Arctic circle. Flaherty follows them as they hunt for food and trade in Northern Quebec[...]

Polar Bears: Ice Bear


Polar bear documentary. Film makers provide a stunning insight into one of the most formidable predators on the planet as they capture breathtaking footage recorded over a 12 month period in the Canadian Arctic. The footage captured brings the viewer up close to the polar bear in it’s nat[...]

Arctic Dinosaurs

2008 Unrated

Arctic Dinosaurs: Entering another dinosaur era, this documentary looks at the dinosaurs that survived in frigid, ice regions and asks the question—how did some dinosaurs survive in such drastic conditions? NOVA searches the Alaskan slopes for fossils and clues. Palaeontologists risk their liv[...]

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