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GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Are We Alone?

2016 Unrated

“GENIUS by Stephen Hawking: Are We Alone?” The fourth episode in the new documentary series presented by professor Stephen Hawking.  Alike the other episodes Stephen challenges “ordinary people” to work out the likelihood of alien life out there in the universe. See why[...]

Human Universe - Are We Alone?


Episode number three of the Human Universe presented by Brian Cox which explores a fundamental question that all humans have. In this documentary we debate whether we are alone in the universe or not, the answer to which no matter what it is, is a pretty frightening prospect.   [...]

Wonders of the universe - Aliens


Many of us want to know if there are aliens out there. Using mathematical principals it has been calculated that there are almost certainly aliens out there, somewhere in the cosmos, unfortunately we lack any real, tangible evidence yet. However there are a number of on-going projects with the[...]

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