abuse Documentaries

The Conspiracy of Silence


  The Conspiracy of Silence, a 1994 crime documentary film which exposes domestic violence in the US.  Specifically, the film investigates a child abuse ring which involved religious leaders and politicians who flew children to Washington D.C for orgies.   Shortly a[...]

Capturing the Friedmans


Capturing the Friedmans, a 2003 crime documentary directed by American filmmaker and musician Andrew Jarecki about the investigation of father and son Arnold and Jesse Friedman.   The film follows the child sex abuse investigation of Arnold and Jesse in 1987. A suspicion that Arnold[...]

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Russia's War on Women


  In Russia's War on Women Stacey Dooley Investigates a dark secret which is kept behind closed doors in Russia. It has been estimated that thousands of women are killed by their partners every year in the country. Domestic violence is higher than it should be everywhere around the[...]

Child of Rage

1992 Unrated

  Child of Rage is a 1992 documentary narrated by Larry Pierce which centres around a six-year-old girl, Beth Thomas who is suffering from severe mental health problems as the result of being sexually abused.   In a shockingly candid interview, she explains how she would like to k[...]

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