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Kryptos: The CIAs Unsolved Secret Code

ConspiracyArt Presenter nova 2007 Unrated

  The most mysterious of all codes in the most clandestine of all places has yet to be fully broken. "Kryptos," a coded sculpture in the courtyard of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, contains a long string of seemingly senseless letters that conceal a message devised by sculp[...]

Wright Brothers Flying Machine

HistoryBiography Presenter nova 2003

A documentary about two pioneering flight engineers who invented the first powered plane. From the years 1905 – 1907 they developed the first fixed wing aeroplane with steering controls and power in the form of a bicycle. Their first flight was only 37 meters in distance but[...]

Einsteins Big Idea

ScienceBiography Presenter nova 2005

It has been more than 100 years since Albert Einstein released his famous publication containing the simple, elegant yet incredibly complex equation E = mc2. This documentary explores the history behind this famous equation and the events which lead up to its discovery.    Einstein&#[...]

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