Documentaries presented by Charlton Heston

Secrets of War: Spy Planes

History Presenter Charlton Heston 2014 00:51:58

Secrets of War, spy planes is the fifth episode in the series narrated by Charlton Heston. The key to winning a war is having intelligence but, more importantly intelligence that y...

Secrets of War: Tools of Deception

War Presenter Charlton Heston 2014

Secrets of War: Tools of Deception presented by Charlton Heston. War is not only fought with fire power, a large part of it is misguiding the enemy to cause a number of different r...

Mystery of the Sphinx

History Presenter Charlton Heston 1993 01:34:33

Is the Great Sphinx of Giza really as old as Egyptologists say it is? Traditionally it is thought that it is no more than 4000 years old however there are a growing...