Alice Roberts Documentaries

Britain's Most Historic Towns

History Presenter Alice Roberts 2018

The 2018 Britain's Most Historic Towns documentary narrated by British Anatomist Alice Roberts looks at the history of Britain through its towns.   Britain has a long, ancient history and today some towns still exude their origins: York – Britain's Most Viking Town. Winc[...]

The 10 Million Challenge

Science Presenter Alice Roberts 2014 Unrated

The 10 Million Challenge, 2014 hosted by Alice Roberts. To celebrate its 50th birthday, Horizon invites the public to play a role in tackling the greatest challenges facing science today. This special episode of Horizon launches the £10 million Longitude Prize 2014 - a prize[...]

The Lost Tribes of Humanity

In “The Lost Tribes of Humanity” Dr. Alice Roberts looks into the origins of humanity using latest advances in genetics technology. Traditionally all research on the history of ancient humans has been done with paleo-anthropology which is based on the study of fossils, however[...]

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice

Animal Presenter Alice Roberts 2012 Unrated

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice is a documentary presented by English anatomist Dr. Alice Roberts (b 19 May 1973) that reveals some of the secrets of one of the most widely known extinct animals ever. Humans have been transfixed by the Wolly Mammoth since the end of the last ice[...]

Are We Still Evolving ?

Anatomist Dr Alice Roberts looks into one of the great question about the human species: Are we still evolving. We as humans are the products of millions of years worth of evolution here on earth, but now in the 21st century can we safely say that we have escaped "the survival of the fittest&qu[...]

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